Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Rye and Peanut got a chance to play with some rain when we recently had a day of hard rain. Something like 50 mm during the day.

Here is little Rye venturing out to the rain. It took a few minutes to leave the safety of the garage. He was getting ever so close to the water.
Rye venturing out in the rain

But once he was in it was fun!
Rye enjoying the rain

Peanut had no problem with the rain but figured it made more sense to get the umbrella. Which to her is about as much fun as playing in the rain.

Rye and Peanut in the rain with an umbrella

Monday, June 27, 2011

More Party Cake

Baby Avenue had her, tiny bit early, 1st birthday party. Here she is with Rye eating cake. Nothing like yummy cake. Especially to a messy eater like Rye
Rye and Avenue eating cake

And the after shot

Rye covered in cake

Enough said!