Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why I Hate the Two Week SuperBowl Layoff

I had said this before but had never taken the time to look at the numbers. I'll have to post the spreed sheet sometime.

So why do I hate the 14 day layoff? Besides the endless stories about nothing. More talk about Brady's foot. (On a side note, as bad as that it, it sure beats the hell out the Dominik Hasek Crotch watch in Ottawa's playoff run a couple of years ago). Another empty winter weekend with more meaningless hockey games. Oh wait that was the All Star Game.

The real reason I hate it is this. Going back to 1980 the average winning point spread for the final score a 14 day layoff between conference finals and the super bowl is 18.9 points. The 7 day spread? 11 points!

Now to be fair. There have only be five 7 day layoffs so maybe they happened to be lucky years. Including the 80's added in some blowouts by the NFC over the Bills and some other AFC team. However removing those still makes the spread over 14. Also the last two New England wins were by 3. So relatively they've been squeakers in the last few years.

But given past history I see the winner winning by 19 points. Especially if Brady is healthy. That means that the game could likely be over before the pizza shows up.

Update: Fixed the 7 day point spread. Found a boo boo in the spread sheet. This is why I shouldn't post a 11 p.m.

BigE Update

BigE is doing well. Better then yesterday. But he's still taking it very easy. As he said earlier "he's not feeling so good". He spent the day in his PJs. He was able to move around on his own. He just didn't do very much.

His package from the nannies helped yesterday. This evening cousins Jake, Eric, and Jackson all gave him a call. He was perked up on the phone. Albeit just for a few minutes then he tired.

Momma did catch one photo today from the couch. You can see the new cement truck. He's been playing with that for the last two days.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Tight Computer Desk

One last little non surgery post for the day.

Today I found a link to Ikea Hacker. Interesting stuff done with products from Ikea. (Now that is developing a brand following).

What got my attention was this tight computer desk. I know Nanny Dot would like something like this. Of course she would need an upgrade to a LCD monitor, and a computer with more than 32MB of RAM, and something past Windows '76.

If I could ever get around to getting that LCD I want then this would be very nice. Combine that with a open table space and I'd be set.

Home and Asleep

BigE is home and asleep. Tonight was a steady diet of Popsicles and jello. He seems ok. Moving around is still a little uncomfortable but as the evening has warn on he seems to be a little more at ease.

His recover is being helped by a new Playmobil Cement Truck (viewable here). Something for brave little boys.

One small update for the astute readers who looked at the timestamps. We were not stuck in the hospital till late this evening. We were discharged by about 4:30. When we got home we had to get BigE settled in and take care of a few household things. Like letting Arnie out. Then I had to go to class because a paper was due today. So I'm only getting around to updating this now.

BigE is Back from the Belly Button Operation

BigE is out of the recovery room and we're heading off to the daycare for the final round of waking up. Hopefully we'll be heading home soon.

Belly Button Operation is COMPLETE

Just received word from the Belly Button Doctor (I wonder how many years that specialty is?) that BigE is done and everything went well. We're waiting around for another 30-45 minutes for him to wake up in the recovery room.

BigE will have

  • a bandage on his belly button till thursday

  • a small lump there for a couple of months

  • a week off school

  • to stop jumping for a week or two

  • not have to worry about getting the stitches out. They're going to dissolve on their own.

Belly Button Operation

BigE is in to have his umbilical hernia fixed. Our afternoon surgery time has been slowly moved up to the point where momma and I are in the waiting room right now. We meet the Belly Button Doctor (as he's known in our house) as we handed off a happy little boy. Of course his calm and ease was assisted by a few CCs of some little happy /relaxation medicine.

Prior to this somebody was being very brave through the waiting room. But the whole leaving Momma and Dadda to go with the nurses was a little scary. Fortunately we had read "Franklin's Trip to the Hospital". So the whole process was somewhat known and he learned that working through our fears makes us brave. And if that doesn't do it they have drugs to help us fake being brave.

So both BigE and his stuffed toy giraffe, known as Raffe, have name tags on and are in the OR as I write.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tennis .. Well Sort of

BigE has a new favorite game. Tennis. I don't think I could really call it tennis. But he does so the name sticks for now. It's plaid by taking a small pillow and using it to hit the ball. The ball in this case being a small inflated beach ball. I'm not sure what to make of it. Maybe we can get it in 2020 Olympics.

BigE with the tennis pillow

BigE with the tennis pillow

I should mention that scoring involved getting it past the person and through the door way behind him.


I had a single session last night so that has slowed things down even more. Feeling better today. Probably wolfed down too much super tonight but I couldn't resist.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quote of the Day 41

BigE watching Mighty Machines:

Dada when I get older I want to build things. We have to go to ... uh ... the construction store to get some dump trucks. Ok?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Like to Wear My Hat Backwards

Zoned out watching Mighty Machines. At least with his hat on backwards it wasn't hip hop.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Reality TV

No not us. That would a pretty dull show. "The highlights of the week are a package arriving in the mail, a pot boiling over, and a tickle fight? WTF!?!? That's it theres nothing on TV anymore, I'm canceling the cable!"

However there is a Bussey Family on TV (TLC) The Bussey Bunch

The Bussey Bunch features the Bussey family, a modern day Brady Bunch living in Arlington, Texas who believe the most important things in life are God, Family, and Wrestling ? and in that order! Mom Cheryl and Dad Mike, both had three children from previous marriages when they met 13 years ago. And now, as a family, they run the biggest event in the heart of Texas: Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW).

Momma is Reading to BigE's Class Today

It's another reading day. It eased the blow of another week of school for BigE to find out that Momma was going to be coming to class. At which point he figured he would try to help influence who was read to. You should pick ... ... ...

It was a little blow to BigE when told it was up to the other kids to decide who wanted to hear the stories.

The Delay

I've said before, I'm going to keep saying

There's not really anything new to talk about. (Not unless someone gets busted on a DUI or with a paid lady). The results are always lopsided (I'll have to see if I can prove that). It leaves more time for hype - Woopie! Zzzzzzzzz. Just play the frick'n game.

It was a tad cold in Wisconsin last night. At the end of the game the wind chill was -24 Fahrenheit. Want that in Celsius? Google "-24f in c" It does work. It will work on converting a lot of numbers for you

Friday, January 18, 2008

20 Years Ago I Was Eating There!

Dairy Queen workers' hijinks on web shock owner (cbc.ca)

The owner of a St. John's Dairy Queen franchise reacted with disgust when informed of an internet video that showed his employees goofing off on the premises — in one case mooning through the drive-thru window.

In the end does Facebook expose or create this? I'm guessing the former. Which is why the title worries me.

Email theBusseyFamily@gmail.com when that class action lawsuit fires up.

PS Yes, "in the end", pun intended.

Momma's Working

So Dada and BigE are home for the day.

Somebody was very good in the afternoon while I was stuck on a conference call. As a reward somebody got "CANDY".

pizzaThen we decided to have some pizza as a healthy supper. Is it obvious who has which half of the pizza?

After an afternoon of playing we had to wash up. BigE decided it would be handy to have some eye protection
BigE with sunglasses on washing his hands

Thursday, January 17, 2008

OLD Colour Photos

Just checking out the Library of Congress Flickr Pool. Over 1600 COLOUR pictures from the 1930s and 1940s. Pretty interesting stuff.

Here's a link to an old Red Caboose (from '43)

Bigger Rules

Two quotes from the little big man

"The Bigger person doesn't get timeouts"

"Momma you have to follow Dada's rules because he's bigger"

See a theme? Interesting the child's perspective.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Morning Rush

Get up
Make Momma some toast and lemonade
Get BigE up and snuggling
Take Arnie for a walk
Get BigE to get dressed
Get BigE breakfast
Oh yeah I need something
Download some podcasts so I don't have to listen to any doughheads at work
Bring BigE to school
Try to slip into work before any notices what time I'm getting in

Somewhere in and around there I don't seem to have time for posts. Go figure.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Advantage of Working From Home

Sitting here working from home on the laptop I got one of those special moments that can only happen when your around the house more.

I just watched Arnie hack up breakfast and then eat it. Again.

See the things I miss when I'm at work

Friday, January 11, 2008

More Skating Lessons

A new Skating class kicked off this week. Fortunately BigE was feeling pretty good on Thursday to make it through that and school. These classes are the first ones that BigE is on the ice by himself. That's 50 minutes out on the ice. The old classes had Momma out with him and they were only 25 minutes.

Dada substituted on a couple of those classes. Let me tell you that if you could make it to 15 minutes without a discussion of leaving then you were doing pretty good.

However cutting the cord to a parent seems to have done the trick. Right now at least.

Looks like Dadda's retirement plan is underway.

School, Sniffles, and Sickness

A quiet back to work and school week around tBF.ca. BigE has been a little off. Thursday he looked better. Today he seems to about the same but the river streaming from his nose says another story. Both Dada and BigE were back to school.

Momma is doing OK. Not too good, not to sick.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Christmas Family Dinner

Two pics from the Christmas turkey meal:
Christmas Turkey Dinner
Christmas Turkey Dinner

A Few Opening Christmas Gift Pictures

It's a tad late. Even in the 12 days of Christmas spirit. But here are a few photos from the Christmas morning.
BigE opening up his mug
BigE opening up one of his motorcycle
BigE opening up his camera
That was one happy boy. The gifts? A kids digital camera; Playmobil Helicopter, Ambulance, and two motorcycles; Some train pieces; Two DVDs and some books.pi

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Adjusting No Matter Where We Go

It doesn't really matter where we go. If you can get a regular show
or fire up the portable DVD player

Boy somebody can look right at home.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Rink

So after getting back I discover that most of the snow from More $%#@*$# Snow is still there. I keep getting asked when will the rink be ready. Hmmm good question. It's cold out there right now.

However check out this forecast:

(Souce: TheWeatherNetwork.com)

I keep thinking that given the time of year that those temperatures should have one of those little negative signs in front of them.

Happy New Year

We have some interesting photos from our Newfoundland travels. However I haven't quite gotten around to posting them. A 20 lb turkey stood between me and those postings. Now that the food is over there should be time.