Friday, May 30, 2008

I'll Miss Harvey Korman

Comedian Harvey Korman dies at 81 ( There was nobody who made the Carol Burnett show more then Harvey Korman. Somewhere in heavan there is a man going "That's Hedley!"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Arnie the Moocher

Back in What Does Arnie Do All Day? I noted how Arnie liked to mooch from our neighbour over the fence. I look out back the other day and what do I see:

Even after our neighbour has gotten two dogs from a shelter he still thinks he's in the feeding order.

But then again she might come out and give me a treat. Any moment now. Any moment ....

Soccer Excitement

Wahoo, Laptop audio and the camera driver are now working so we have pictures.

Let's start that out with a pic of the little big man today. Now I'm not saying that he's excited about soccer but he's been wearing the new shin guards for most of the day. I hear from Mama that last night he could hardly sleep with the excitement. (That and the upcoming fair).

Here is BigE watching a little tv.

I didn't quite catch a picture of him on the swings with his new equipment.

Yet Another Postcard

Thanks Fish! BigE has promised a big hug the next time he sees you. You've been warned.

To everyone else, how about dropping a postcard, index card, note, or anything in the mail to BigE

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quote of the Day 51

After QotD 50 on Hugs it's bedtime and I'm looking for some hugs:

Dada "Can I get some of those hugs?"

BigE "You can have them all"

Dada "Well I'll stop now so that Mama can have some."

BigE "That's ok, as soon as you take one another one appears"

Another Busy Weekend

finishing it by re-installing windows on the laptop. After something close to 4 years running the same install things had gotten pretty slow. This will probably result in even less time for posting over the next couple of days.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's a Girl

Well it's now pretty much official. It's a girl. 'The Baby' has now become 'She'. Like "She's kicking a lot today".

Here's the latest ultrasound:

For those ultrasound challenged that is HER head. For one ultrasound SHE didn't have HER hands on HER forehead.

BigE is off to see Go Diego Go

The little big man is off to see "Go Diego Go Live" today. He even got to miss school. Thankfully it's not Gym day or he might have been disappointed. There might even be pictures later. Maybe

Update: All told, I hear BigE had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Change I Can Believe In

Elect John McClane. Yes, Yippie Kay YaY *#$@#$, that John McClane (Wikipedia)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Karen & John Visit

They're on their way back to the rock. BigE was disappointed to find out when he woke up Friday morning that they weren't coming. However Big Cousin Jakie was here, that was a surprise, and so BigE was happy.

Imagine his surprise when he woke up Saturday when he found Karen and John sleeping in the next room. To top things up Uncle Jeremy was visiting as well.

To recap the weekend it went like this
BigE "John, John, John, John look at this! John! John! John! John! John! John! John! John! John! John! Hey you know what John! John! John! John! John look at this! John! John! John!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Man Quote of the Day

As I sit here drinking a beer a famous saying from two years ago struck me and I realized "You know I could use some popcorn."

Quote of the Day 50

At bedtime tonight as I was getting a couple of hugs before I left:

BigE "I've got lots of hugs. Do you know how many I have? One Zero Zero"

Dada "Wow that's lots"

BigE "Yeah, and do you know how I got so many?"

Dada "No how?"

BigE "It's from the food I eat. That gives me so many hugs. The hugs get inside of me from the food."

Camping Ad that Speaks to Mama

Finally a Canadian Tire ad that speaks to Mama
"Don't forget to pack all the comforts of home"

It's ideas like this that lead to the creation of the RV I think.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Party at BigE's House Auntie Karen

Somebody is very excited. He was busily collecting up supplies for the party upon Auntie Karen's arrival. Now celebrations are usually parties so for a little while it was a Happy Birthday Auntie Karen event. We've now downgraded to just a party as I explained Auntie Karen's Birthday isn't for over a month.

BigE has party hats, streams, popsicle sticks and a banner all ready to go. And he has a lot of work to do because

"I don't have a lot time because I have to go to school today"

UPDATE: It looks like the party has been delayed. Dam NL Weather

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BigE's New Dinosaur Room

Well the new styled bedroom BigE was looking for is almost done. I picked up the blinds today. Hopefully, Auntie Bevie is by Wednesday to paint a dinosaur on BigE's wall. And for some reason BigE would like the bunk beds in his room. (His bed is part of a bunk bed set we picked up at costco. You could use each part separately and price wise it turned out to be two for the price of one.)

So here is the before picture:
The before picture
Here is BigE helping out with the painting.
BigE painting
BigE Painting 2
Due to the nice weather I was able to get 5 coats of paint (only 4 coats of trim with the brush) during Saturday. Three primer and two of the yellow.
The After picture
Monday while I was in class Mama was able to add the dinosaur wallies (from
Close up on the stencil

Quote of the Day 49

BigC from the WB Family is over for a little visit

BigE "It's a lot of work keeping an eye on BigC"

Dada "He's keeping you busy"

BigE "Yeah babysitting is a lot of work but that is what babysitters have to do"

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Post Mother's Day

Well everyone wishes you Happy Mother's Day. But how many people wish you Happy Post Mother's Day? Hunh? It does need a better name. Something like boxing day. Once the sales started getting prompted as Post Mother's day I'm set.

Seriously I doing one of those I needed the work week to recover from the weekend days. Tomorrow there should be some pics of BigE's, atleast painted, new room. The dinosaurs might be up on the wall. (That was Saturday).

Arnie even got out of the backyard again because the wind blew the gate in. I was in the garage, with the door open, talking to my Mama when BigE pipped up

"Uh Dada what's Arnie doing?"

To which I said "I don't know sweetie he's in the back yard"

As I finished that statement I felt something furry at my feet. Hmmm I think I should use up some of my extra chicken wire on the fence. Or maybe, just maybe, actually fix the gate.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Evil Auto Flush

From Parent Hacks comes How to trick the autoflush toilet sensor in public restrooms

My son had the bejebus scared out of him by the autoflushing toilet when we were just starting training.
I found that if you drape a length of toilet paper over the sensor (folded over a few times), you can fool the Potty Eye.
Now that's been a staple with Dada. I think WB Family told Mama about the post-it note over the sensor.

But it's good to see that other kids don't like that loud WHUSH!

Arnie's Walkabout

Funny thing happened yesterday. The wind blew on the fence enough that one of the set of hinges actually came off the post. The hinge bracket had pulled off over the screws. So the gate was open. Well sort of.

Arnie was out for a little walk about. From what we can gather he was pretty much taking the route we take during a walk. Little did I know that he was self walking.

Fortunately someone we knew up the street spotted him and kept him their backyard. Arnie was very happy to play with their dog.

Mama mentioned how proud he seemed to be when the neighbour brought Arnie and her dog to our place to bring Arnie home. He had a "Look! I went for a walk AND I had a play with my new friends!"

Arnie's safe at home and the fence is fixed. Although it maybe time for screws with larger heads or washers for the fence.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sharing the Sleeping Bag

BigE had his friend the fish over for some play time. The kids played pretty well. BigE was still a little tire so there were a few bossy moments as he attempt to guide the fish. At one point they took a break to watch a show. BigE climbed in his Diego sleeping bag. The fish took the other end as a blanket. It was so tranquil...

until they BigE started trying to hog it all. Oh well he was good most of the day.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Slowly, slowly working on No Training Wheels

And I mean slowly. After Look Ma No Training Wheels we took a couple of pictures to catch the man himself working with no training wheels. We have stretches where he really gets it.

Then others not so much.

It's been a good start and the original goal was to have BigE riding without training wheels by the fall. But the lack of training wheels has been sapping BigE's desire to go for a ride.

Picnic Lunch

BigE broke in the Play Structure last weekend with a picnic with the neighbours niece. Our Neighbour and her friend were over for a BBQ. The kids had their dinner was held in the play house.

I must say that they played very well all day.

Feeling Better

After One Sick Bear Friday wasn't looking very hopeful. However BigE was feeling much better today. He's been able to stay on his own and play with his trucks for most of the day. Which is a remarkable improvement.

Especially since he had only one dose of Anitbotics last night. Of course he was eager for them this morning when I told him it would kill the germs. The big improvement really has been that he's been consistently better. Yesterday he would have a good couple of hours and then be wiped for another few hours.

Of course when I went to catch BigE in a picture I found him in front of the TV.

* Note that the red box is indeed the cooler. That was because of Another Repair

Thursday, May 1, 2008

One Sick Bear

BigE has an ear infection so things have been slow around here. We went to the walk in clinic tonight. He had puss in his ear. That was enough to start a round of antibiotics. Fortunately his high temperature of four hours ago has faded.

I think I'm working from home tomorrow.

Quote of the Day 48

After a long night of whining and crying. After cries for Dada to come snuggle him to sleep at 11 pm, 4 am, and 5 am, comes this master piece in the morning.

BigE "I don't want to go to the Doctor"

Mama "But honey you were up all night with an ear ache we have to go see the Doctor"

BigE "I was up all night because dada took up too much space in the bed!"

Mama "I say the same thing."

[BUMP] That's the bus going over Dada

Another Repair

After my two rants last year about my Maytag stove in theBurner is Back, this week we had the fan go on our fridge. The fridge slowly started getting warmer despite being set to the normal temperature setting. We keep increasing the temperature setting until that wasn't keeping up. I even broke out the cooler to keep the milk and eggs in. For that I really chilled some beer bottles to help cool the cooler.

200 bucks latter it's fixed. The one positive thing that can be said was how quickly the service man was. We were fitted in during a canceled appointment less then two hours after a call was placed. The original appointment was going to be in a day.

When I was pricing the cost of a new fridge, only ones rated by Consumer Reports, I was only checking Canadian sites. That set a higher threshold for the repair. Anything more the 50% the cost of a new fridge and the Maytag was going to the curb. It wasn't until after the affair was over and I was talking to Mama did I think of checking the US stores. The fridges were cheaper but still not quite cheap enough to make the $200 repair too much.

PS Does anyone know if you can transport a fridge on its side? I.e. the only way I could move it from the US in our car.