Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Soccer Starts Again

Tonight was the first evening of U6 soccer for BigE. It's a bit of a jump. Soccer is 90 minutes. 45 minutes of practice and 45 minutes of game time. The duration didn't seem to trouble some on the first night. The biggest issue turned out to be the cooling evening temperature. Apparently the overnight is 2. Hardly the 30+ we saw two weeks ago at Disney

Mama is the manager of the team. I'm not sure what the manager does on a non-competitive team this age. Except for the all important Popsicle rotation. Dada got stuck confirming as many email addresses as possible based on who showed up.

In one moment as I was talking to a parent they were asking who my child was. (Since I had their names on a sheet). As I look up I see BigE in a play fist fight with another kid (a willing participant in the fun).

" uhhh ... that's my child in the fight"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Disney Day 5

By this point in the trip bigE was tired of walking and preffer to ride in the stroller.

We were glad that we brought both.

We started the day in "the seas" with the Finding Nemo ride, we all really enjoyed this one. It is an indoor ride that take thru an aquarium looking for Nemo. After the ride we looked around the aquarium and saw Dolphins, fish, seahorses...

While we were at Epcot they were having theid Spring Flower Festival. Here are some pics

Then we went on a few more rides and headed to see the Countries of the World Exibits. We stopped and had pastry in France and then went for one last ride before taking the monorail and Ferry to dinner.
Dinner was at the Whispering Canyon Restaurant at The Wilderness Lodge. This was everyones favorite meal. The food was quite good and the waiters were a lot of fun. They Start by telling you the menu and ask the next table to recite dessert. Then they make you yell a phrase and the next table gets to judge your enthusiasm. Once our meal arrived we asked for ketchup. Our waiter yells KETCHUP!! and every child in the restaurant runs and bring you EVERY bottle of ketchup in the restaurant. Now you have very little room on your table until another innocent family requests ketchup.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Disney Day 4

Today was a right off, well as far as the Parks were concerned. We had reservations for an early supper at 3:30 at a restaurant in The Hollywood Studios Park and then we planned to stay for the fire works at 8:30. In order to stay out at the park that late we stayed at the hotel and did some swimming while Peanut napped. Well BigE decided that this was all that he wanted t do and it took A LOT of convincing to get him to do anything else. We arrived at the park at 2:00 and all the fast passes were gone for the day and the line ups were all around 60 minutes. So we went to see Disney's Playhouse which was cute. then we went to dinner and when we were done everything started to close, it was only 4:30. Mama was able to catch the last showing of the Indiana Jones Stunt show and that was it for the day. We found this quite irritating because the park was open until 10:00. What are you supposed to do while you wait for the fire works? If there was something to do we certainly did not find it so we headed back to the hotel. Everyone was too tired to just sit around and wait for 4 hours. What a disappointment!!
I promise I won't rant like this anymore.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Disney Day 3

Today we stayed at the hotel and went swimming in the morning.

Then we decided to go for a boat ride to Downtown Disney which is mostly a shopping area. At the request of BigE we went to the Lego Store first.

Serpent made entirely of lego.

Lego T-Rex.

Knight BigE playing at the Lego Store

After hitting in a few other stores we stopped to have a late lunch at the T-Rex Cafe, a Prehistoric Resraurant. The Dinosaurs Roar every 20 minutes or so, BigE really didn't appreciate this much.

When we were done eating we headed to the Build-a-Dino shop where BigE picked out a Dino (a Stegasaurus), helped stuff him, named him (Steggie) and then took him home, Birth certificate and all. BigE has been sleeping with him ever since.

We all headed back to the hotel on the boat but not before designing a custom T-Shirt.

This is a photo that Mama took of our hotel from the boat. This is one of about 25 buildings on our resort.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disney Day 2

Day 2 we went to the Animal Kingdom. I think that this was everyone's favorite Park. We started of with a Character breakfast, this means an all you care to eat buffet with Disney characters circulating the room. Here are some pics of the characters that we met during breakfast.


Then we headed out to do some of the rides in Dinoland I think we only ended up going on the Tricera Top spin, Big E was too short for the other ride there. Then we went to see the Lion King Show, WOW this was Mama's favotite thing during the trip. It was Awesome!!

Then Mama went on the Everest Roller Coaster while BigE, Peanut and Dada went to the Boneyard playground. Everest was well...intense, Mama love it! Here are some pics of us at the playground.

After that we went on the Safari. We all loved it!! It was really amazing to see the animals that close with out any barriers in the way.

After all that we went back to the hotel for a dip in the pool.

Quote of the Day 74

BigE and a buddy talking over a snack

BigE "We had a math problem today at school. But it wasn't a problem it was easy."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Where to start? I guess I'll start with day 1, Magic Kingdom. we went to the Magic kingdom for half the day we did a bunch of the rides and then headed back to the hotel for a swim/nap. Then out to the campground for Mickeys Backyard BBQ.

Here is Peanut ready to hit Disney.

Here is BigE in front of Cinderella's Castle.

Some pics of us on the Mad Tea Party ride.

Mickeys Backyard BBQ

Monday, May 11, 2009

Disney Sneak Peak

Two quick pics from the Disney trip. As Mama said tonight. "Oh Yeah I* have to get on those Disney posts"

(Based on Peanut's look I wonder what WTF is in baby talk)

* (It might not have been I, maybe we, but I'll say I heard I)

The Evening Rorschach Test

This evening ...

BigE "Look at what I made"

Dada "Oh look you've made some axles" (about to say are you going to build some cars)

BigE "No their weights!"

Then he posed for me.

Grabbing a peak at the floor you can see the small, medium, and wee little green and yellow "Peanut" sized weights.
He was sure to include her.