Sunday, February 24, 2008


Finally a picture of the gym from Saturday's gymnastics class. The background turned out a little dark. But you get the size of the gym. There are a bunch of mats to the left of the picture. Missing to the right is the favorite jump-o-leen. And wayyyyy in the back is the foam pit full of foam pieces on a trampoline or stretchy net.

Sailor BigE

The last week or so has been fun lego building stretch. BigE decided that he wanted to build a boat. The structure by his right side is a ramp to get on to the boat. He seemed to like sailing the ship on the ocean portion of his map. Those whales and crazy big native dancer by Hawaii (hidden by BigE's hands) was unnerving BigE.

BigE the Builder

BigE got a new Bob the Builder video this week. So it was construction time around this household. Well timed was a new coffee table being used as an entertainment center. This provided a box and several large pieces of Styrofoam.

BigE has been cutting this stuff half the weekend. I think Dada will have to make it disappear overnight because the mess is getting bad.

Did you notice the single work glove? Also I hit up the guy I know at the onsite Tim Hortons for a couple of old boxes. It's construction material heaven right now. But we haven't really made anything yet. Except that quasi-house in the background. Looks more like an outhouse if you ask me.

Quote of the Day 45

Two for One Sunday

BigE on Subway's regular cheese "This is the best cheese. Nobody's is better". There you have it. Look out Jared here comes the four year old.

BigE on painting swirls "I like swirls because ... they are circles"

Friday, February 22, 2008

Self Portrait

Here's BigE's picture of himself
BigE self portrait

Note the detail. Five fingers and five toes. I don't know if he was counting the hairs on his head.

Truck Drawings

BigE has been prolific in his drawings over the last couple of days. Trucks are in and in a big way. Here are two sample pieces of art.

This one has a mount that stops the truck, the cab, and then the trailer
BigE truck with blue sky

Here's his purple truck where the detail is improving
BigE purple truck
(Click on them to get the large version)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Canadian Tire $10 off $40 is back

Head here to Save $10 at Canadian Tire on any in-store purchase of $40 or more.

Valid from February 22 - March 2 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Leaving Comments Is So Easy

Ok I have tried with pictures. Here is a small and simple video showing how to leave comments on this blog. No login required.

Note the last bit at the end where it notes that the comment does not appear until I approve it. So that might explain why you don't see it right away.

Running BigE

A couple pictures of the boy himself. He had a spontaneous moment where he had to run. And I mean had to. "I can't stop Dada".

I tried to get a picture but for some reason they all turned out like this:
BigE running by in a blur
Of course at that moment he was coming to tickle me.

Finally I got a picture that you can see really well.
BigE finally caught moving slowly
I had to zoom back far enough to be sure I caught him.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Quote of the Day 44

Dada scoops up BigE

BigE "Hey Dada, you picked me up!"

Dada "Yup. When you get older you can pick me up"

BigE "When I get bigger I'll pick up Eric"

BigE "Hey, When I'm biggger I'll pick up Jakie!"

Quote of the Day 43

Another Post left in the draft state. Woops. Here it is


Dadda [Jokingly] "Come on Dada's boy"

BigE "No, I'm Momma's Boy"

Dadda "Whaa? How did that happen?"

BigE "Momma took me swimming and watched me swim"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Maybe It's Just Me

But I think you should go over to the National Post to read A modest proposal for curing a whiny nation. While I may not wish for a famine, nor do I believe Cate does, a little less whining wouldn't be bad now would it?

The efforts of the make-it-go-away community reach well beyond interference in efforts to extend health, life and productivity. They have evolved special branches devoted to the banishment of "things that bother people".

Strong perfume. Peanut butter sandwiches. Lawn chemicals. Scary looking dog breeds. Improper house colours.

To end these societal indignities, they declare, "There ought to be a law!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The New Addition

Here are the pictures of our soon to be newest addition. We are so very thankful that everyone is doing well.

The New Bussey
The New Bussey 2

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sliding was Cancelled

BigE was disappointed to learn that they're field trip to the sliding hill was canceled. Below -20 with the wind chill and they couldn't go. Around 8:00 am it was -29c.

BigE woke up at 7:00, heard he was going sliding, and broke down in tears "I DON'T WANT TO GO SLIDING!"

After getting dressed, eating breakfast and watching "Super Why?" came the phone call. We're not going.

BigE upon hearing we weren't going "I WANTED TO GO SLIDING!" Wahhhhha

Back to Swimming

After the belly button tweak BigE was back in the water yesterday. Sadly I don't really know more because Momma took him while I was at work. (Jeeze PB why don't you post more?)

I can tell you that he is excited about one thing. Taking a break from swimming. It's hard not to want BigE to stick with it since he's made such large strides over the last 8 months. He's currently doing level 'C' which apparently is a harder level for kids to pass. Most of these levels kids will just keep doing them until they pass. It's not unusual to have kids doing levels two or three times.

At least we will have the summer season approaching by the time swimming lessons are finished. So there will be a break and then playful time in the summer. Hopefully he'll be ready to go back in the fall.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Quoteof the Day 42

As BigE was attempting to clean up his toys today he decided that there wasn't enough space to store his toys.

BigE "Dada I think we need a bigger house for all of my toys"

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Trip Down the Ice Slides

From the Winterlude festival. Momma forgot the camera. Maybe I'll actually get her to post about the event. See if there was comments other then "I felt so sick".

Monday, February 4, 2008

BigE is Back to School

Saturday was a busy day. So Sunday we took it easy. But BigE was seemingly doing pretty good. He let me pick him up yesterday by the usual under the arm scoop. Previously that caused his tummy to stretch out too much so that was a no go. So I think he's ready for a morning of activity.

Let's see how it goes today.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Obligatory Super Bowl Prediction

With 33 minutes to kick off I feel like posting a token prediction. While enjoying the pats successes over the last few years I must admit feeling nausea given the size of the bandwagon right now.

Either way I'm calling New England 31 Giants 14. (In keeping with my notes on the two week layoff). Maybe 35-14 if Brady is healthy.

If I'm horribly wrong you can rest assured I will delete this post.

UPDATED: Well it seems I had the Giants score just about right. At least it was close. Maybe there's a theory here that the QB's performance is inversely proportion to the attention paid to the "famous" girlfriend.

Friday, February 1, 2008

BigE Friday Night Update

The Big "E" is doing well today. Today was BigE's first full day without the bandage on. And that really seemed to make him happier. He went the day without any Tylenol. So that is a good step. Having Jakie and Amelia visit helped. That, sadly, right now counts as a moderate amount of activity.

All in all I think he's starting to turn the corner. Although I must admit that we are a day or two behind where I had hoped we'd be. Tonight Momma had similar thoughts.

Tonight in the tub I got a good look at this belly and things look good. His knobby belly button is now a smaller and lumpy.

"Dada I Need Your Help"

That's the call I hear this evening. I look over to the couch. I see BigE with his foot stuck in his cup?!?!?
I said sure I'll help you. Now stay still why I take a picture so I can make fun of you when your older. Then one of those silly faces popped out. Making the picture a little bit worse.

Then again he comes from a long line of silly faces
The original silly face

A Couple of Visitors

BigE had some visitors drop by today. Jakie and Ayeya (aka Amelia) dropped by on their way to the doctor.
Jakie and Amelia visting BigE

BigE was happy to have them around to play. There was an hour or so of playing with the legos and trucks.
Jakie checking out BigEs camera

When BigE got tired he started cutting paper. He likes to sit down for periods every now and again to cut paper. Usually he's pretending that hes making something. Either way he cuts the paper down to tiny little pieces.
BigE working the siccors

Oh and did you notice that woopie cushion on the table. That was a hit for a good ten minutes as we heard funny "fartie" noises. Thankfully Jakie was able to move past the fartie noises to show BigE some silly faces.

We made up some lost ground on the school week.