Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Say Goodnight Pooh Bea

Mama has taken to a little longer snuggle feast to get Peanut down for her naps. There have been some crappy nappys around here lately. The other morning Peanut tells Mama she wants up in the chair. Then she wants the pillow. Apparently Pooh Bear is going for a nappy

Putting Pooh Bear down for a nappy
Then again if Pooh Bear is in the crib maybe Peanut doesn't have to go for the nap

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photos ... Just Cause I Can

From breakfast time yesterday morning.

Peanut in the morning

BigE wearing his Canada sweater

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Broccoli Bouquets?

If your like me, and that might be a big IF, your wondering just what in the heck are those flowers they are giving the winners. My thinking was they were broccoli bouquets. Harvest them while they are flowering and bam! Olympic bouquets. Apparently no ...

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic bouquets revealed

The predominately green bouquets contain eye-catching green hypericum berries, delicate green spider mums and broad leaf greens. The foliage consists of leatherleaf fern, loops of monkey grass and aspidistra leaves.

It's not like I'm saying broccoli is a miracle or something. But you'd think if we were going to import something from Ecuador it would be something nice or pretty.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Further to the WB's post At the W's Cottage here are a few pictures. Yes in case there wasn't enough pictures.

Here's a shot of poor ol forgotten Peanut who braved the whole thing from the backpack carrier.

Peanut in the backpack carrier

BigE hanging out with Monkey getting their picture taken. Monkey was not impressed by another photo.
BigE with a smile Monkey with the scorn

So what else could we do but have a little fun here with the kids photographed to phrase "Too Many Pictures!"
too many pictures

Here's a pic. This won the extreme sports section in the lightning round. Plus I hear it is a renewable resource. (The energy and not the person. You need a new person everytime)
Lightning rod

With some guys out from poor ol Big C was bringing up the rear. But in all fairness he put up a good showing. That was a lot of walking for a little kid.
BigC pulling up the rear

Here's a sneak peak at some of those WB photos.
More walking less picture taking

And really what adventure with little boys isn't complete without poking something with sticks. Plus for an added interest it was through a hole in ice. Extra points for the danger!
sticks in the ice

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goalie Gear

As we've played mini-sticks BigE had started to want to have some goalie gear. To protect him. Despite the fact he is the only one who walks up to within 3 feet to blast a slap shot. After several weeks of determination he had saved up his allowance to buy this set from Canadian Tire.

He was very patient saving that money in his wallet each week. I tried to talk him into a slightly better pad set for the same price but he wanted the blocker and scoop.

He now thinks he needs a goalie mask. Admittedly some of my "let's get that glove hand involved" shots tend to rise a little high.

PS Don't worry Safetycrats! (tm) its a 1/2 oz foam ball! And afterall its only mini-sticks without a helmet. It's not like he's doing something dangerous like riding a bike or something!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl party

Assuming the NFL still allows you to even use those words here is BigE's decorations for our Super Bowl party. After we left church he was determined to make some mini football decorations for the big game.

Very cute.

Friday, February 5, 2010

How do you think this would look?

So its early one morning and only Peanut and I are up. We've been up for an hour so everyone has eased into the morning. I'm in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast when I hear the chair move. A few seconds I look over to see Peanut:

Browsing a Lands End catalogue I think. Now I tried to capture a little video of her flipping the pages and looking at the different pictures but I was too slow. It was quite a sight. By now she knew what I was doing turned and smiled for her picture.

A Skate on the Canal

Before we hit the warm spurt Peanut, BigE and I headed to the Canal for a skate one Sunday afternoon.

Peanut enjoyed the sites but not the sun.

BigE's favorite part is starting on a small side finger of the canal. You get to skate out onto the canal under this bridge. It was honestly his favorite part.

And one lonely pick of the boy skating up the canal going for top speed.

It wasn't my longest trip to the canal as BigE was dying to go sliding too so we had to split the two hours we had.