Friday, July 31, 2009

Time Lapsed Disney Build

From Thursday Stuff over at the Canadian readers may contain real conservative writing)

Playing with Toys

All morning Peanut has been trying to play with drinking straws, bowls, spoons, and sun tan lotion. Finally she dives into her toys. And boy do I mean dive.

Dada "Peanut how did you get all of your toys out of the box so quickly?"

BigE "I HELPED HER! hehehhe"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

While the Mommies are away

the little boys will lounge in their pj's watching tv

Stolen Toast

Arnie caught this morning stealing a burnt piece of toast.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One More in The Water Series

After seeing me post The Water Series BigE demanded that I post this slip and slide pic of him going the wrong way.

"You have to use that one"

Blow you a Kiss

Here's 5 odd seconds of Peanut cutiness

The Water Series

I'm off this week so I've gotten a chance to grab and post a few photos. Here's a cycle from Monday with BigE enjoying the water during a Monday break from the rain.

We had put the hose at the top of the tree house slide

and the large pool at the bottom. If BigE kept his feet up entering the pool he could slide almost all the way through the pool. (You needed a constant flow of water just to keep it at the same level)

When we got bored of that it was back to the slip and slide. There was dozens of runs on this thing trying different slides.

We even had the retro moment where after a snack on a banana, Dada explained about how the peel was a slippery gag. So BigE decided to do the Banana peel slip and slide. Adding our new phrase
"Who put that Banana peel there?"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

BigE's Second Sleepover

Is up over at the WB Family's The Sleepover - Home Edition where BigE hung out with Monkey and Ceee

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quick Pic From Auntie Bevie

From the past trip to Auntie Bevie's cottage. Peanut has grabbed Bevie's glasses and escaped to Eric's arms.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Climbing the Walls

err no ... I mean stairs. Here's a video from yesterday showing Peanut stair climbing. This morning she successfully managed to climb the whole set.

At the end she was very pleased

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BigE's Past Week

A quick pictorial view of BigE over the past week. Should hold everyone over until we get some specific posts up.

Very Pleased!

what more can I say?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wacko Update

I was going to post something to effect that I'm really eff'ing tired of the wall to wall MJ coverage. Each time I see MJ I turn the channel or turn the tv off.

But then came this gem. I nearly wet myself at work from laughing (From WWTDD I have no idea this person is)

If LA wants to clean itself up, they should wait for all 30,000 people to show up and then just lock the doors. It’s not gonna be the team behind the Large Hadron Collider. It’s gonna be Billy Bush and Mary Hart and Joe Jackson and 800 lawyers and an army of delusional retards who the only thing they had to take time off from was clogging up 911 with calls about “that bitch is crazy, you needa arrest her ass”. They should lock the doors and then it turns out they actually climbed aboard a rocket and then just shoot that thing right into the sun.

The only thing I would do is ask for some Canadian content. Could we get Ben Mulroney and the eTalk Canada gang down there?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What does your Dog Eat?

Arnie helped himself to some left overs from Canada Day. First he grabbed the veggie dip. Odd but I figured he was looking for some leftover meat. Second, Arnie grabbed a piece of cake. Again maybe he was foraging for something. Both places there had been a bunch of bratwurst floating around. Maybe there was residual smells.

Tonight I get home to find Arnie has rummaged through the last Canada Day garbage bag and taken out the jujubes. I guess to his dismay he found there was only the black ones. He ate one but left the other three. (No we don't like those either).

So to recap, Arnie has stollen:
* Veggie dip
* Cake
* Jujubes

Oh and did I mention there were 30 bratwurst's and 24 burgers sitting on the kitchen table thawing all afternoon during Canada Day. He didn't touch that. Go figure.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day Fun: Where's the Other Kid?

Not to be forgotten here's a peanut shot from Canada Day.

Things to note in the picture.
* She's ecstatic to be out and about despite working through a cold.
* She's worked hard to get two pens and is not letting go
* She's hungry and so having Mama feed here some bread sticks. Peanut could feed herself but see previous point.
* If you haven't seen a good pic lately, because the camera has been awol for two weeks, here's a good shot of those new big front teeth!

Canada Day at the Community Party

There was a large assortment of inflatable rides for the kids at this year's community Canada Day party. The favorite for BigE had to be the obstacle course. There were inflated tubes to climb through, walls to jump over and a slides along the way.

BigE on the obstacle course

This is a great shot Mama caught.
BigE jumping on the obstacle course

For much of the second hour we spent the time with the Fish. Fish being a bit younger had a little harder time with some of the obstacles. But BigE hung around and offered a helping hand.
BigE helping the Whale

At one point BigE wanted to do it by himself so he finished the last half of the course on his own. Then doubled back to the help Fish finish the course.

Here's a great shot of the biggest inflated slide I've ever seen. It's starting to approach those slides the carnies move around.
BigE on the big slide

A New Camera

I decided to do the one thing that can guarentee the return of the old camera. Look for it? No way. I bought a new one. A Canon A2000. Here's a celebratory first pic:

From July09

It's too bad you can't see that smile from Peanut. There's a fifth tooth in and a sixth threatening to emerge.

More More Knights

Medeival Fair Part Duex is up over at the wb. This is part deux of More Knights.

Not described was Dada bulls eye with the throwing axe. I just wanted to point that out!