Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goodwill Still Out There

It's nice to know that there is still some kindness and goodwill out in the world. Dada touched the edge of the pavement and put holes in TWO tires. The road way out of the neighborhood is tight. Tight as in the white line on the edge isn't painted completely on the road. Parts touch the gravel.

After realizing what had happened I listened intently. For a few seconds all seemed well. Then I heard that front tire start to whomp. The air was coming out. I pulled to the shoulder and got out. Sure enough the front passengers side tire was out. As I grudgingly walk to the rear to get the spare I hear a hiss from the rear. Two tires out. Mother $^%&@ER

I lock the doors (for some insane reason) and I'm about to start my 5km walk home when my next door neighbor notices a red car and "some big guy". She figures its me and stops. While its by a some what well lit traffic light it still is an empty stretch of road. So I got a lift home.

Then I loaded my all seasons into the truck and went up to replace the tires. Prepped I had gloves, a hat, flashlight and few tracks on my ipod. As I work my way through the two tires I have two people ask and two people stop their car and get out to see if I need help. I had it all under control. (Aka nobody happens to carry a air wrench in their trunk.) But it was nice to know people still stop to help.

Quote of the Day 65

BigE smelled the faint trace of wood smoke in the air. He was trying to figure it out and decided:

BigE "It smells like graham crackers"

Dada, slightly confused but with a post graduate in tangential thinking, realizes that he's thinking of Smores at Auntie Bevie's and Scott's.

Dada "You mean it smells like a wood fire that you could make smores with?"

BigE "Yeah"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BigE is Feeling Better

He had a good nights rest. Well as best as you can with Dada in the bed with you. We didnt get up till after 8. So his the temperature has been down and energy level are good (consider how little he's eaten).

The day has been sliding by with the new Mighty Machines Airplane video. BigE has rounded up all his toy planes to play with. At one point they were playing hockey (4 on 4). One team was Canada and the other United States. Although Canada had the F-16 in goal. I mentioned I wasn't so sure about his choice of goalie.

That Seat is for my Feet

Holy Smoke. How did I not hear about this till now.

Disabled, obese allowed free extra plane seat

The decision ended a six-year battle by disabled travellers to secure two seats for the price of one if they need inflight attendants. Obese people can also qualify if they are too large to fit in a single seat.

Those that need help to fly I can see. (No just help getting your drink or a pillow but medical attendants.) Now I am no wee man, so I'm not trying to pick on the obese, but even I have to lean to get the arm rest down.

A possible sticking point is how to decide when obesity is a disability. The agency has recommended the airlines adopt a policy used by Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, which gives a free seat to people who are too big to lower their armrest.

Then again maybe they're trying to tell me something.

And for's understatement of the year award winner
The carriers have predicted that their costs would be significantly more because the policy would be abused.

Rights based on compassion. I wonder when this will rock our health care system.

Monday, November 24, 2008

BigE is Sick

He has some kind of stomach bug. Today was his first post infant upchuck. Poor kid is upstairs barely able to enjoy the cartoons with a high fever.

Does he look sick or what?

Two Peanut Pictures

Realized it had been a while since we'd posted any pictures. Somebody is getting bigger and stronger.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Swimming Lessons

BigE is finishing up another round of swimming and things seem to be going pretty well. BigE proudly told me that he is now able to open his eyes under water without googles. Even while swimming! He seems to be keeping up well with the other kids. Mama asked the instructor what level she should register him at for the next session.

Apparently we're ready to make the jump to the Swimming 1. Up for debate is whether to do the last kid level since he'd be a full year younger then the recommended age group of Swimming 1. Maybe there are a lot of younger kids in that group.

Traffic Lessons

For a couple of days this week I had to drive the exchange student (henceforth known as Pineapple) to school in the morning until the school board's grinding bureaucracy could add her to the school bus schedule. (Something about hunting season and carrier pigeons).

Day 1: Left at 7:45 and arrived 8:15
Day 2: Left at 7:40 and arrived 8:18

Day 3 comes and I have to be down to the University at 7 for a networking breakfast. I figure ah what the heck I'll be an hour late. But we'll need to leave a few minutes earlier.

Day 3: Left at 7:32 and arrived 8:12

That didn't work so well. We were spending 30 minutes to travel about 5 kilometers. Was that in down town New York you ask? No. How about suburbia with an empty stretch of a road.

However today was the first day on the bus. Of course the bus showed up 15 minutes before it was supposed to and Pineapple was left out in the cold. So off we went.

Day 4: Left at 8:15 and arrived 8:30

Since this is the same route I take to work that is why I don't leave from 7:20 to 8:30 am. Shessh

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Pretty Good Thermometer

Okay maybe a tangent post for but hey I like meat and I like to try and not completely over cook it. Also known as Newfoundland DONE! Aka like the sole on your boot.

My fancy wireless remote thermometer died after a brief encounter with some rain. It was quite frustrating. So I had been trolling Canadian Tire for a while to see if it would go on sale again. After a couple of months I found this little guy Accutemp Digital Cooking Thermometer regularly $19.99. (I picked one up on sale for $9.99)

I gave it a try tonight and it seemed to do a really good job. For just about any type of meat it had preset temperatures for rare, medium, well done. Select your level and it alarms when your meat is ready. Nice and simple. Note they're also customizable temperatures so you can slightly tweak them.

I'll have to do a few tests to see its accuracy. But for a basic thermometer it really seems to work. Now that simple interface seemed to fall down when I couldn't figure out the built in timer. But maybe that was me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Student

Just wanted to let everyone know that the exchange student had landed. After a small scare with her luggage she's started to settle in. Everything seems to be going well. And she's off to her first day of classes today.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Time for Bed

and Peanut is up in the bed cooing away at the tv. I'm in the living room and can still hear her. She's normally asleep by now. But she apparently feels like staying up to watch a little of the tube. She's completely ignoring the milk truck behind her. Go figure

Quote of the Day 64

Mama: "What shall we get Daddy for his birthday? What does he like?"

BigE: "I know BEER!"

[Ed. note: Yes I like an odd beer but you'd think I with that response I packed it in my lunch]

Mama: "Well I don't know if we'll get him Beer. What else does he like?"

BigE: "I know Sour Jube Jubes"

So what was my present:

The Fireman

Not to be out posted by his baby sister, here is the fireman. Somebody sure loves that fire gear the last week.

Morning Smile

Managed to grab a quick photo of those early morning smiles.

I have a little morning stretch video that I need to widdle down before posting

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hmmm I Wonder

You don't like political lobbyists? Think they corrupt Government? Wield too much influence. I ask you:

Does increased government activity in the economy increase or decrease lobbying?

Answer in today's NY Times Lobbyists Swarm the Treasury for Piece of Bailout Pie

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quote of the Day 63

Mama was on the ball to catch this one.

BigE "When I grow up I don't know if I want to be a builder or tanker truck driver. I'm not sure if I want to build or get to drive all day."


Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Pics

Of the happy baby

and impending timeout

Funny thing was everyone was happy two minutes before I grabbed the camera. What are going to do?

Indoor Soccer

Yup, another round of soccer has started. This time its indoor soccer. Which happens to be in BigE's school gym. The coach was a few minutes late. And boy were the kids riled up. Green pinny kids were chanting "Smash the oranges" to the orange pinnys. Orange "Crush the greens". One kid was taunting BigE's team so BigE decided to go in with a little shove.

In and around all of that commotion they actually did some soccer.

The second shot is some passing practice against the wall.

The skills section was a little slow to keep the kids attention. They liked the little bit of game time. BigE played defence on his goal line. He was worried that somebody would sneak behind him and score if he left the goal line. My attempt to explain to him that as long as he payed attention and kept the ball in front of him fell on deaf ears.

Quote of the Day 62

BigE was a little sad about having to choose who went to his party. We were all over a bunch of topics at bed time when he was bemoaning grade 1. (Why grade 1? because they are full day and don't get to play with the kindergarteners. So he misses a few friends)

In the middle of the sadness comes:

BigE "I'll have to stay all day and eat supper"

Dada "You won't have to stay for supper. It's not like daycare. They don't serve supper" I pause "but you loved the food at daycare didn't you"

BigE "Yeah they made it the way I like it. It was better then what you make."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Quote of the Day 61

BigE wanting to play hockey with Mama using his new Mini sticks he picked up at the 67's game yesterday:

BigE "As soon as my baby sister falls asleep we can play hockey and cleanie (aka Roomba) can be the zamboni"