Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tricking Your Brother Printer into Working

Let me state that I like my Brother MFC 210C. It's an all in one that lets me scan and fax. I've never had a big need for photo printing or really high quality printing. So it served my every day needs just fine.

But it had one GIGANTIC ANNOYING PROBLEM. If any ink cartridge, and I mean any, ran dry the whole thing stopped. I guess that was part of the give the printer away and sell the ink business strategy.

Out of Cyan ink? That's ok I'll just print in black and white. Nope it won't let you do that. Not even scanning or faxing for you! Ugh. Same thing for any other cartridge.

I mean really, I can't fax because I'm out of magenta?

I had been using cheap refil ink. But even when a cartridge seemed to have about 1/3 of it left I was getting empty cartridge messages.

Then I read about using black electrical tape to cover the edge of the cartridge. And boy does it work. Cover the one end of the cartridge that is not covered by the color label. On mine its the end that faces out.

Read the details here:
Trick Your Brother Inkjet into Working (caution a little language - but it does sound a lot like me when I found this).

Now I'm happy with my Brother printer. I don't know if I'd buy another one. But at least I can do what I want now. Spread the word.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gearing up for Hockey

We hope.

Here's BigE trying out his new hockey gear. Theres definitely a little Mama as he was very excited to try out his new equipment.

Bige in his hockey gear

We've been looking around at the different kits for kids figuring that would be a cheap way to enter the market. After all how long will he be in this stuff. The kits generally had decent pants and gloves. The shin pads were okay. The elbow pads were tiny. The chest protector was okay but a bit thin.

What I have discovered is that thin isn`t necessarily so bad because the gear is big but the child is small. So there is a lot of overlap so some small parts may not be that bad.

Why did I go for separate pieces after that long description? That head. I'm not sure where he gets it from. But it was too big for the medium sized kit's chest protector. The large kit's pants were way too big for the string bean. So by the time you replace one thing in a kit your at the price of separates. Which truth be told were a little better quality. Of course he's not going to wear through them. So I'll put them away for wee baby X if she ever decides to show up.

But if the kit would have fit I think I would have gone for it.

Heres one more action shot
Bige in his hockey gear making a save

Now on to getting him to skate.

Maybe Baby

Maybe. Some contractions. Maybe labor.

Update: Nope. All stopped.

Wednesday Update: Nope. Still no activity.

Monday, August 25, 2008

One More in the Pool

A video showing BigE jumping into the pool with gusto. Mama was playing a game where he would jump in, reach for the bottom and pick up her watch. So BigE quickly figured out getting into the water:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Trip to the Pool

Mama and BigE have made a couple of trips to a local pool to take in some water fun during our final days of summer. I had heard that BigE was making good progress dunking his head under the water. A big milestone for the next round of swimming lessons. He was dieing to show me.

Here he is jumping in the pool
Jumping in the pool

BigE even seemed comfortable enough to show off several swimming strokes with his head underwater. ( He hasnt figured out how to breathe while swimming yet. )

Then the amazing thing was how Monkey (from WbFamily) said that he wanted to go to the 1 metre diving board. After two failed attempts he jumped off. This gave BigE the idea that he might like it.

BigE headed up once and came back to the stairs. He pretty much wanted somebody near him to go with him. Big Cousin Eric was in the line waiting to go so he went up as Dada took the picture:

Ready, Set ...


Off the 1 metre springboard. I was quite impressed that he was willing to do it.

Eric was getting a few jumps in when he wasnt keeping BigC under control.
Eric showing his form

Keeping BigC under control ... Yup ... Eric was kind enough to walk him out the springboard so he could join in safely too. No fear. No jump either. Just walk right off the board. But man he loved it.

BigC on the board
And not to be out done a shot of Monkey in mid flight
Monkey in mid flight

And one more shot of BigE in flight off the diving board.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Still No Baby

The forecast for the next couple of days doesn't look very promising either.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Time in the Pool

Another bit of pool fun. The last time we visited in Fun Time in the Pool there was no time for pictures of the Auntie Bevie clan. This time it's not entirely the case.

Here's BigE ready to go in the pool:

BigE with lifejacket and goggles
Maybe the fins, snorkel and oxygen tank went on afterwards.

Now in the theme of stupid pet tricks comes Eric demonstrating a hole in one:

The Soccer Video

A video addition to Soccer Tournament. Here's BigE working the ball

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Soccer Tournament

BigE had his first soccer tournament on the weekend. It was up to Mama to capture some shots. Which were surprisingly good. BigE was pleased about scoring a goal and stopping all of the shots when he was in goal. Here's his goaltending form:
BigE ready in goal
A rare action shot captured by Mama.
Bige in action save
Here we have our participation medal with Mama.
BigE with Mama
And finally a picture of Monkey from the WB Family.
BigE with Coach and Monkey

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dada has just Finished Year ONE!

Man that feels like such a long time and such a little accomplishment. However I have finished the last of the summer courses. It was dragged out a day because I had to sign the cover sheet acknowledging the ethics code. I forgot to do that on the first paper I handed. So I had to drive back downtown to pass in another one. Ughh.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Still No Sign of the Baby

No babies yet.

Quote of the Day 56

Mama "Is it okay if Bevie and Eric come to soccer and dada isn't there?"

BigE "That's okay."

Dada "Your not going to miss Dada?"

BigE "No ... Eric is better"

Dada "What!?!? Eric is better then Dada"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soccer Post Something or Other

Another soccer week has come and gone. In addition to the week day soccer camps of the past two weeks BigE still has his Saturday practice.

BigE getting ready to move
Early on they played a little British bull dog. That's where all the kids but one start on one line and dribble the ball to the other. If the British bull dog kicks their ball away then they join the bull dog. The coach was looking for a volunteer and BigE wanted to be it.
BigE being the british bull dog
One station was a passing drill. BigE was showing off his stuff to stop the ball before trying to pass it.
BigE working the cones
This week's game was against the Pink Panthers. Poor kids. The Grey Elphants, i.e. BigE, lost badly. The problem was goal tending. The few times they weren't watching the other game when the panthers were scoring they were looking at the parents clapping after the first save only to let the rebound in.

BigE did score to tie the game a one. The last time the elephants were in the game. A nice little kick from 20 feet out that was aided by a slightly distracted goalie.

Here's the kids at their post game hand shake slash high five.
BigE shaking hands with the pink panthers

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The New House Colour

The blue on our front door and garage was getting a little faded after seven years. So it was time for an update. Mama was thinking red but was going to play it safe with blue. The Dada said "Oh just pick the red already". Poof the door is now red. (And the front railing was also painted)
The new red style
It certainly has provoked reaction. Of course everyone is nice enough to say what a nice colour it is. I don't know if they're being polite. But Mama is happy and Dada's not painting that thing again for another seven years!

Fun Time in the Pool

Another trip to see Auntie Bevie and Scott. But since they aren't the stars of our little production I some how managed to forget to actually take a picture of them. Funny how that happens hunh?

Here we are enjoying their pool. But it was a tad cool. That first couple of steps in seemed really cold. Just ask Mama
Mama finds it cold
And BigE
BigE finds it cold
Dada was cold later too just for the record. You adjusted or went number after a few minutes. BigE was enjoying the floating ring. Once he realized it could be turned into a fun toy to spin around and around as fast as you can it had to keep going.
BigE going for a ride in the pool
And finally an action shot of BigE jumping in the pool. Since we didnt have a life jacket we improved with the pool noddle. It's not like I wasn't two feet away from him. But it let Dada miss him a little when he jumped in the pool. That Splash was cold!
BigE jumping in the pool
PS Check out those ribs in flight.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Soccer Camps

In the past two weeks BigE has done two three-day soccer camps. Two weeks it was This Week its Soccer Camp. This week I never did catch a good pic. It was out in the other end of town so I only did a single pickup.

On thursday they had their BBQ evening. BigE went for a face painting

BigE with a painted face

By the time they were done the food was starting to come off the grill. Here's BigE eating diner with the WBees
BigE having a snack with the WBs
There were a few inflated toys for the kids. There was also a nerf gun to shoot into a target that the kids liked.
BigE playing some nerf target shoot
Later on the kids go their soccer ball and picture with the mascot. BigE picked up the Most Improved award. He was very proud of his trophy.
BigE holding his Most Improved Soccer awardOne thing you can say about him is he keeps trying on the field. The first week when I was watching the game he was running around the whole time.