Saturday, January 17, 2009

6:30 Practice

We had our earliest practice for hockey this morning. The classic 6:30. I went out a good 10 minutes early to let the car warm up to reduce the shock for all of us. BigE rolled out of bed and straight into the snow suit.

We had 7 of 12 kids show up this morning. That was a pretty good turn out. They got to play a 20 minute scrimmage at the end of the practice. Dada was playing goal. My save percentage was about the level of the sens. Although I was trying to let a lot in.

There were a couple of plays where BigE was finally starting to realize that he would have to hussle to pick up the puck. He had a few plays in his end where he dumped the puck out (well 10 feet). But he still plays with one hand on the stick. However that is probably genetic.

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