Thursday, March 26, 2009


BigE and I headed to the ski hills to do some tubing last weekend. Despite several days of above zero temperatures they still had some snow. It was a beautiful day, almost 6 degrees.

After BigE had gone with Mama and Auntie Bevie a few weeks ago he was pumped to go today

There was a little converyor belt to take the tubes up the hill. Head to your right and your on the bunny slope. Head to your left and you have a choice of two tubing hills.
You can just make out someone on a tube at the bottom of the big hill for a sense of size.

After a couple of dozen runs we were getting tired. BigE found a way to conserve energy.

When the crowds were getting small we were getting runs done in 4 minute intervals. Slide down the hill one at a time. Meet up. Walk around the hut to the conveyor. That ride up was the slowest part. Then a short hop up the hill and it starts all over again.

Here's a video of a run:

Note how BigE was getting into the spins. This wasn't the fastest he was spinning either. One time he said a big spin and we weren't going together. So I didn't temper his enthusiasm. The guy gave him a big old spin. I thought I was going to find him at the bottom of the hill sick. But no sir he had a blast.

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