Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Oh Nine Christmas Party

Mama was running her Christmas party again this year. More swimming, followed by pizza, Little Ray's Reptiles and, of course, Santa.

After the swimming and pizza here are the boys checking out the animals. Turtles, snakes and some kinda lizardy crocodile. I didn't really catch the description as I was chasing Peanut out in the hallway for much of this.

Here's BigE getting his picture taken with Santa. What an amazing Santa hunh? Wow is all I have to say.

Peanut wasn't as interested in the festivities so she found her own fun. There was a pile of gym mats in the coat room. It attracted a few other kids and ended up being the nursery. When they weren't walking or running up and down the hallways.

Monkey was eager to sit with Baby Peanut and have his picture taken with her.

Mama didn't get a gift but she did get to have her picture taken with Santa. It will take a few more days for her to find out if she was naughty or nice.

And I can't go without a shot of that big turtle thingy.

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