Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at the Sugar Bush

No pictures of enormous piles of pancakes. This year the shots are free pre-new guy and they have BigE and Peanut out for the Easter Egg hunt. The eggs where hidden by some large bunnies. Funny thing was I never knew bunnies had vision care either.

Here are the kids showing off their buckets. This year the snow was gone early so despite it being two weeks before Easter the ground was bare.
Peanut and BigE on the easter egg hunt

BigE as usual was watching out for his little sister
Peanut and BigE on the easter egg hunt

I think the was around the moment when Peanut figured out that she can find and take these eggs. This properly setup the real Easter morning chocolate hunt. At that point she had the basics of the search down. But boy does an egg full of chocolate improve the motivation on a toddler!
Peanut starting to get the easter egg hunt

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