Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back to Swimming

After the belly button tweak BigE was back in the water yesterday. Sadly I don't really know more because Momma took him while I was at work. (Jeeze PB why don't you post more?)

I can tell you that he is excited about one thing. Taking a break from swimming. It's hard not to want BigE to stick with it since he's made such large strides over the last 8 months. He's currently doing level 'C' which apparently is a harder level for kids to pass. Most of these levels kids will just keep doing them until they pass. It's not unusual to have kids doing levels two or three times.

At least we will have the summer season approaching by the time swimming lessons are finished. So there will be a break and then playful time in the summer. Hopefully he'll be ready to go back in the fall.

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