Friday, February 1, 2008

A Couple of Visitors

BigE had some visitors drop by today. Jakie and Ayeya (aka Amelia) dropped by on their way to the doctor.
Jakie and Amelia visting BigE

BigE was happy to have them around to play. There was an hour or so of playing with the legos and trucks.
Jakie checking out BigEs camera

When BigE got tired he started cutting paper. He likes to sit down for periods every now and again to cut paper. Usually he's pretending that hes making something. Either way he cuts the paper down to tiny little pieces.
BigE working the siccors

Oh and did you notice that woopie cushion on the table. That was a hit for a good ten minutes as we heard funny "fartie" noises. Thankfully Jakie was able to move past the fartie noises to show BigE some silly faces.

We made up some lost ground on the school week.

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