Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pirate Ship

Here is BigE's Pirate birthday cake. It took some work and the creative inspiration of four people but we got it sailing, sort 'o speak.

Two 9x13" pans of chocolate cake, a couple of tubes of chocolate icing, a tub of white icing (for the ocean), some PlayMobil Pirate guys, and two packs of small crispy crunch bars that were on sale for 67 cents each.

BigE Pirate Birthday Party Cake
BigE Pirate Birthday Party Cake view 2

Some notes:
- That is a real piece of wood coming out of the bow of the ship (Sailing readers what the heck is that called?). I sanded it down smooth and wrapped the cake end in saran wrap that was mostly hidden by icing.
- The Playmobil pieces are mostly from a Pirate accessory kit that looks like this ( but I don't think was a 1/3 of that price.
- The masts are skewers
- The crows nest is the bottom half of an ice cream cone
- The plank is a cadbury thin chocolate bar
- The guns where some kind of round waffer that had chocolate on one end.

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Anonymous said...

arrrr...she be the plank at the bow of her.