Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goodwill Still Out There

It's nice to know that there is still some kindness and goodwill out in the world. Dada touched the edge of the pavement and put holes in TWO tires. The road way out of the neighborhood is tight. Tight as in the white line on the edge isn't painted completely on the road. Parts touch the gravel.

After realizing what had happened I listened intently. For a few seconds all seemed well. Then I heard that front tire start to whomp. The air was coming out. I pulled to the shoulder and got out. Sure enough the front passengers side tire was out. As I grudgingly walk to the rear to get the spare I hear a hiss from the rear. Two tires out. Mother $^%&@ER

I lock the doors (for some insane reason) and I'm about to start my 5km walk home when my next door neighbor notices a red car and "some big guy". She figures its me and stops. While its by a some what well lit traffic light it still is an empty stretch of road. So I got a lift home.

Then I loaded my all seasons into the truck and went up to replace the tires. Prepped I had gloves, a hat, flashlight and few tracks on my ipod. As I work my way through the two tires I have two people ask and two people stop their car and get out to see if I need help. I had it all under control. (Aka nobody happens to carry a air wrench in their trunk.) But it was nice to know people still stop to help.

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Anonymous said...

next time please feel free to call.
anytime day or night.
It's nice to see that we live in a nice neighbourhood.