Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Easter Hunt 09

This was probably the last year that BigE will be able to do the Easter Egg hunt all by himself. He's got a couple of more years with a pure tactic skill advantage but I'm sure Peanut will be stumbling along next year trying to eat something.

This year we started with an early morning hunt. BigE was able to find just about all the eggs planted by the Easter Bunny.

BigE searching for eggs

The favorite hiding spots appeared to be his coat pocket, shoes, and cereal bowl. Although I was sure the egg in the cardboard fish was going to be hit. But Dada missed that so maybe.
BigE found an egg inside

The Kinder eggs are still a definite favorite. Nanny Dot sent a little cashola to pick out an Easter egg. So BigE picked out the jumbo Easter egg at Costco. (Yes Jumbo was redundant with the word Costco). Those little crappy plastic toys are still a hug hit with BigE.

I guess its the modern equivalent of those party cracker thingies we had growing up.

At Auntie Bevie BigE had far more competition for the eggs. And a lot larger search area as Auntie Bevie had covered about an acre in eggs. BigE being the youngest managed to pick a few eggs with an assist.
BigE searching at auntie Bevies

Even with eggs up in the trees!

Not a bad haul for the day. That's basket number 2!
The easter egg haul from auntie Bevies

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