Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why I Hate the Two Week SuperBowl Layoff

I had said this before but had never taken the time to look at the numbers. I'll have to post the spreed sheet sometime.

So why do I hate the 14 day layoff? Besides the endless stories about nothing. More talk about Brady's foot. (On a side note, as bad as that it, it sure beats the hell out the Dominik Hasek Crotch watch in Ottawa's playoff run a couple of years ago). Another empty winter weekend with more meaningless hockey games. Oh wait that was the All Star Game.

The real reason I hate it is this. Going back to 1980 the average winning point spread for the final score a 14 day layoff between conference finals and the super bowl is 18.9 points. The 7 day spread? 11 points!

Now to be fair. There have only be five 7 day layoffs so maybe they happened to be lucky years. Including the 80's added in some blowouts by the NFC over the Bills and some other AFC team. However removing those still makes the spread over 14. Also the last two New England wins were by 3. So relatively they've been squeakers in the last few years.

But given past history I see the winner winning by 19 points. Especially if Brady is healthy. That means that the game could likely be over before the pizza shows up.

Update: Fixed the 7 day point spread. Found a boo boo in the spread sheet. This is why I shouldn't post a 11 p.m.

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