Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BigE Skates on the Sens Ice

BigE got to play the Tim Bits first intermission game at the Senators game on Saturday. He was pretty excited. It took a while for him to grasp what the heck was going to happen. It was all pretty well organized. They took us through ice level to some change areas and guided everybody through. Some of the kids even notice Spezza in the suite waiting in the hall.

Smiling guy getting dressed

A shot from the coaches. BigE awaiting his start time in the prep room at ice level. They got to watch the first period on some TV's.

The quick before game team picture. BigE is in the first row with the helmet already on.

Players heading out to play. They got to head out on to the ice via the Zamboni entrance. Which BigE thought was pretty cool.

BigE's big rush back to cover the red wing's attacking forward. He's that little blue guy to the right. He did a pretty good job because that red wing was a pretty fast skater.

Now when I say BigE likes to keep the play in front of him on defence this picture should give you an idea what I mean.

The video I caught was junk. So I didn't bother to post it. But I think all the kids in the end said it was the shortest few minutes ever.

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