Monday, January 4, 2010

Why I will NEVER buy an HP Computer

for a long long long time. I'm currently on hold. According to the call timer it's been 50 minutes. I've been transferred four times now. Guess what is causing so much trouble? I have a repair case number and I'm attempting to find out what the status is. Wow. That's hard to deal with.

You have to call the main line. They transfer you when they recognize that it is not a corporate or US case number. Can't have the direct line for the line they transfer you to. Then its off to the wrong laptop support division. Usually there's a trip through technical support. At some point somebody will say "Oh a netbook, that's this other department. I'll transfer you now". Oh and if I ever find anyone that can manage to punch in my case or tracking number I can't call their department back directly. Every time it's to the start of this paragraph. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

This is typical of EVERY call I have made. SCREW. YOU. HP.

Do you know why I phone in? Because the estimated repair date was the 22nd. Almost 3 weeks after they had my netbook. I felt like calling and saying "Hey where is it? What's going on?". Some guy started reading me the "I'm sorry script that it didn't ship on time ... supply troubles .... ". I freak. Did you even look at my case? Of course it didn't ship on the 22nd. TODAY is the 22nd you moron! Why do I care about your supply troubles. And so I am here again. Another 2 weeks after that call.

So to end that last rant. Why did I dial in? Because they "fixed" (as in the dog) the estimated repair date to be blank.

PS It's now been 60 minutes. Apparently they're busy helping other customers. SCREW. YOU. HP.

PPS This is why there are no pics of the kids with witty comments on the blog today or tomorrow. Blame HP!

PPS It's been 65 minutes and still no luck. Latest hold time 18 minutes.

PPPS Ha! At 75 minutes somebody took my service number, went silent for 60 seconds and then came back with the stunning comment "Are you in Canada? Let me connect you to the Canadian order support". Oh and bonus points if you guessed there is no direct line for that.

But at least the automated voice tells me they value my call.

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