Friday, March 28, 2008

BigE Shows off His Classroom

BigE was very excited to take us into his classroom today on a student lead something or other. I stopped listening after student lead. Student lead? He's four? Well we did have a list of items to make sure we visited all of the key stops on the tour.

Somebody was very shy at first. So we didn't get any of the songs from the Calendar station. No days of the week. There was three more but I forget.

We got to see BigE's latest journal. Surprisingly there were no pictures of trucks. Considering he can sit down and fire off about 20 pictures on trucks in an hour at home. There was a picture showing shoveling with Dada. That shows what this winter has been like.

They had made bunnies with paper plates as the faces and cut plates in half for the ears. The kids then had their picture take and placed on the front for the bunny face. Quite cute. I'll have a picture or scan of that up shortly.

We did some math games with numbers up to 10. We tried to identify a bunch of different numbers.

And finally, Dadda was chosen as star of the day! I think the star of the day gets to bring stuff to the office and who knows what else. If you know and know how to leave a comment let me know. Either way BigE was very excited to put one of the Dadda or Momma names (again that was Dadda he chose) into the special envelope to announce who the star of the day was. Then we printed our names on the big sheet of paper that the star of the day gets.

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