Thursday, March 27, 2008

The New Tanker Truck

BigE sends a big thank you to the Nannies and Poppies for their Easter cards. He took the money that came to buy Play Mobil's Tanker Truck. Apparently this is the toy from the "Toy Store" (i.e. Play Value) that he really wanted.

What's really super is that it is a real water truck! If you look at the picture the black spot on top of the tanker is a plug you can remove to fill it up with water. On there other side pictured there is a tap that comes out from the bottom of the tank. The water is controlled by this little red lever that can be used to turn the water off and on! That is a big hit!

We've already started to use it to water the flowers and vegetable plants that we've started inside for the spring. BigE says that the water makes the soil "unhard".

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