Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Environmentally Conscious BMW

Toyota Prius proves a gas guzzler in a race with the BMW 520d (Times Online)

The test

We took along a conventionally powered car – a diesel BMW executive saloon – for comparison and drove both cars an identical number of miles (545).

The BMW 520d results:
But you can’t argue with the end result. Approaching Switzerland I felt confident of beating Jason (PB Note that is the Prius driver). The computer was telling me that, for the journey as a whole, I had averaged more than 50mpg. The test had taken us along just over 200 miles of autoroute, about 200 miles of B roads, including winding ascents and descents in Switzerland, and 100 miles of urban driving

Prius results:
For all my defensive driving, slippery bodywork and hybrid technology, my average fuel consumption was 48.1mpg. I’d lost to a Beemer and I was disappointed; I had never driven so slowly or carefully for so long in my life. I’m considering buying a V8 Range Rover and opening my own oil well in protest.

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