Friday, October 10, 2008

Nanny and Poppy's Visit

Well the visit ended today. In classic fashion we have very pictures of poppy. I think his identity is hidden yet again.

We took a trip to a park downtown. After Peanut popped her pants and then demaned a feeding we didn't get very far. We did make extensive use of the benches.

To keep everyone entertained we did play a little Red light Green light. BigE pulled out a win over Nanny

Dada is appealling his loss to the international committee after the judge was caught cheering on the other competitor during the race.

Along the way back to the car we passed the Art Gallery. And for the record this was probably as close as I've ever been to going in there. (Does Larry the Cable Guy count as culture?)

BigE thought it was very cool to be under the big giant spider

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Saje said...

can I be on the committee to determine if the results should stand or not??