Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 08

Another fall has come and we've taken another trip to the pumpkin patch. BigE was there last week with the class. This weekend we went with some friends. In my favorite picture I almost caught the perfect shot of a pumpkins last moments. Alas the photo is a little blurry.

Tractor crushing pumpkin

At least the tractor was able to give us the traditional ride into the patch. This year it didn't stop to let us off into the corn maze first so we picked some pumpkins and stashed them on the side of the road.

After finding some pumpkins we took a trip through the corn maze. The kids did a pretty good job leading the group.
corn maze

We finished the maze on the other end from where we started. The kids were so confident they went in one row and walked the whole length of the maze. Straight down the row of planted corn. But they felt like they'd done the whole maze by themselves.

With a little help we get the kids into the BOO! sign.
BigE and Peanut go boo!

Peanut enjoying her first trip. First traces of a smile. Something about the flash scares it away.
A little Peanut smile

BigE got a ride in the little green wagon with his buddies. Dada had to pull them up the hill in that thing. (We decided not to wait for the tractor ride)
BigE going for a cart ride with the buddies

Then there was some play time on the cart, bails of straw, and piles of pumpkins
BigE with the buddies

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