Thursday, October 16, 2008

Astronaut Helmet

Last year we had the astronaut custom but needed a helmet. Rather then order some $50 thing off amazon (and get it over the border) we figured it was best to just make one. So Astronaut Costume Helmet Edition and Astronaut Costume were born.

I've had several emails from random surfers who have stumbled across our posts. So here is the most common info.

First the basic shape is accomplished by inflating a balloon to slightly bigger then your child's head. If you need something other then the basic oval shape you can layer plastic grocery bags (if you can still get them) or crumpled up newspaper to adjust the basic shape.

Once you have the basic shape you apply as many layers of paper mache as needed to get a good strong shape. Some recipes for paper mache glue / paste:

Keep layering. Once your shape has some strength you can pop the balloon to remove it from the inside of the helmet.

Keep applying layers until you think your helmet has the strength needed.

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