Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scurvy Pirate 10

For christmas I had picked up some Wooden Boat Kits from I thought they would make a fun little project with BigE. After all his fun with Pirates I thought he might enjoy seeing a ship go together. That was mostly correct. There was a few too many peices and weak instructions to hold his interest. But he really did enjoy the finaly result.

Note by weak instructions I mean every piece had a number on every connection. Two peices with the same number were to be connected at those joints. The issue was that there was no real over all guide. I started with the keel and just worked my way up. It made it a little frustrating. All the pieces were pre-cut on the four sheets.

Here we are early on. You can get a glimpse of the instruction sheet and the precut pieces. This is where we started to slow down.

Here we are with some decking installed

And the final assembly ... minus the rigging.

BigE decided to name it the "Scurvy Pirate 10"

I'm not sure that will be going on. It might make those masts a little sturdier so I might do it. We're thinking about using some construction paper or cardboard to fill in the sides. It will give the other Playmobil pirate ship something to fire at.


Dave said...

If only there was an instructional video that could be played at 1.5X speed!

PB said...

I would have made a video except it would be 10 hours long and there was no piece named the "eight hole board"