Monday, February 9, 2009

The Timbits Jamboree

Today was a fun day for BigE. He got to go to Scotia Bank place to place on the same ice as the Senators. I'm not sure he fully grokked what was going on. We got to use one of the big dressing rooms. They got to walk out through the players entrance and long their bench.

BigE waiting to play

We played our game against our IP 1 partners the Mighty Green. We had 12 skaters. So we ran two shifts and put one person in net on each shift. Playing goal was in high demand.

Our bench was the penalty box. Which was about the right size for 6 kids and one or two adults. A funny note. The bench must be seated quite high. The kids couldn't get up on it on their own. So after we'd help shuffle the new line onto the ice, the old line onto the bench then I had to go down the line and pop them up onto the bench.

The Green have some really good skaters. So most of the play was in our end. Give the kids credit. They started to figure things out by the second half of our 30 minute game. They even got a couple of goals. BigE started to make plays for the puck. He's still tentative and lacks a strong stride so its hard for him to get into the play. All in time I guess.
BigE on the ice

At the end the kids lined up on the center ice line and got their Timmies participation medal. (Boy that thing was heavy). You can see the red ribbon by BigE's elbow.
BigE getting his participation medal

Back to the dressing room to change and eat timbits.

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