Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Disney Day 4

Today was a right off, well as far as the Parks were concerned. We had reservations for an early supper at 3:30 at a restaurant in The Hollywood Studios Park and then we planned to stay for the fire works at 8:30. In order to stay out at the park that late we stayed at the hotel and did some swimming while Peanut napped. Well BigE decided that this was all that he wanted t do and it took A LOT of convincing to get him to do anything else. We arrived at the park at 2:00 and all the fast passes were gone for the day and the line ups were all around 60 minutes. So we went to see Disney's Playhouse which was cute. then we went to dinner and when we were done everything started to close, it was only 4:30. Mama was able to catch the last showing of the Indiana Jones Stunt show and that was it for the day. We found this quite irritating because the park was open until 10:00. What are you supposed to do while you wait for the fire works? If there was something to do we certainly did not find it so we headed back to the hotel. Everyone was too tired to just sit around and wait for 4 hours. What a disappointment!!
I promise I won't rant like this anymore.

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