Friday, May 15, 2009

Disney Day 3

Today we stayed at the hotel and went swimming in the morning.

Then we decided to go for a boat ride to Downtown Disney which is mostly a shopping area. At the request of BigE we went to the Lego Store first.

Serpent made entirely of lego.

Lego T-Rex.

Knight BigE playing at the Lego Store

After hitting in a few other stores we stopped to have a late lunch at the T-Rex Cafe, a Prehistoric Resraurant. The Dinosaurs Roar every 20 minutes or so, BigE really didn't appreciate this much.

When we were done eating we headed to the Build-a-Dino shop where BigE picked out a Dino (a Stegasaurus), helped stuff him, named him (Steggie) and then took him home, Birth certificate and all. BigE has been sleeping with him ever since.

We all headed back to the hotel on the boat but not before designing a custom T-Shirt.

This is a photo that Mama took of our hotel from the boat. This is one of about 25 buildings on our resort.

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