Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Disney Day 5

By this point in the trip bigE was tired of walking and preffer to ride in the stroller.

We were glad that we brought both.

We started the day in "the seas" with the Finding Nemo ride, we all really enjoyed this one. It is an indoor ride that take thru an aquarium looking for Nemo. After the ride we looked around the aquarium and saw Dolphins, fish, seahorses...

While we were at Epcot they were having theid Spring Flower Festival. Here are some pics

Then we went on a few more rides and headed to see the Countries of the World Exibits. We stopped and had pastry in France and then went for one last ride before taking the monorail and Ferry to dinner.
Dinner was at the Whispering Canyon Restaurant at The Wilderness Lodge. This was everyones favorite meal. The food was quite good and the waiters were a lot of fun. They Start by telling you the menu and ask the next table to recite dessert. Then they make you yell a phrase and the next table gets to judge your enthusiasm. Once our meal arrived we asked for ketchup. Our waiter yells KETCHUP!! and every child in the restaurant runs and bring you EVERY bottle of ketchup in the restaurant. Now you have very little room on your table until another innocent family requests ketchup.

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penny said...

Go Big E! I love the tomatoe sauce carrying skills (ketcup in candain) Kepp up the good work muscles!
Well Disney land looks like heaps of fun, wish I could have been there!
I miss you guys, stay safe!
Love Pineapple