Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Soccer Starts Again

Tonight was the first evening of U6 soccer for BigE. It's a bit of a jump. Soccer is 90 minutes. 45 minutes of practice and 45 minutes of game time. The duration didn't seem to trouble some on the first night. The biggest issue turned out to be the cooling evening temperature. Apparently the overnight is 2. Hardly the 30+ we saw two weeks ago at Disney

Mama is the manager of the team. I'm not sure what the manager does on a non-competitive team this age. Except for the all important Popsicle rotation. Dada got stuck confirming as many email addresses as possible based on who showed up.

In one moment as I was talking to a parent they were asking who my child was. (Since I had their names on a sheet). As I look up I see BigE in a play fist fight with another kid (a willing participant in the fun).

" uhhh ... that's my child in the fight"


Saje said...

Ahh. You've got to love those proud parenting moments!!

Josh said...

haha, thats awesome ...