Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goalie Gear

As we've played mini-sticks BigE had started to want to have some goalie gear. To protect him. Despite the fact he is the only one who walks up to within 3 feet to blast a slap shot. After several weeks of determination he had saved up his allowance to buy this set from Canadian Tire.

He was very patient saving that money in his wallet each week. I tried to talk him into a slightly better pad set for the same price but he wanted the blocker and scoop.

He now thinks he needs a goalie mask. Admittedly some of my "let's get that glove hand involved" shots tend to rise a little high.

PS Don't worry Safetycrats! (tm) its a 1/2 oz foam ball! And afterall its only mini-sticks without a helmet. It's not like he's doing something dangerous like riding a bike or something!