Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Further to the WB's post At the W's Cottage here are a few pictures. Yes in case there wasn't enough pictures.

Here's a shot of poor ol forgotten Peanut who braved the whole thing from the backpack carrier.

Peanut in the backpack carrier

BigE hanging out with Monkey getting their picture taken. Monkey was not impressed by another photo.
BigE with a smile Monkey with the scorn

So what else could we do but have a little fun here with the kids photographed to phrase "Too Many Pictures!"
too many pictures

Here's a pic. This won the extreme sports section in the lightning round. Plus I hear it is a renewable resource. (The energy and not the person. You need a new person everytime)
Lightning rod

With some guys out from poor ol Big C was bringing up the rear. But in all fairness he put up a good showing. That was a lot of walking for a little kid.
BigC pulling up the rear

Here's a sneak peak at some of those WB photos.
More walking less picture taking

And really what adventure with little boys isn't complete without poking something with sticks. Plus for an added interest it was through a hole in ice. Extra points for the danger!
sticks in the ice

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