Saturday, April 14, 2007

First Soccer practice

Today was BigE's first soccer practice. 15 kids all around his age at the local community center. The catch no parents. BigE wasn't too sure. Was this some kind of weird new daycare? However having littleM with him brought out the bravery.

Now Picture trying to run a real soccer practice with a bunch of pre-schoolers.

However BigE was out running around. Not necessarily going after the ball. But he was running. There was one fantastic play on the ball. A sliding tackle slash stiff arm of littleM. No surprise BigE ended up with the ball and littleM on his face. We took striker off the probably list of positions.

In the end was it a success? If he wasn't so tired I bet he really meant that he had a blast when he said "Moma I don't like this" and "What's on next?". (Perhaps he understands the TV just a little too much.)

PS Hanging out with the parents outside brought two types: (a) trying to coax their kids into interacting with the practice (b) already on the phone trying to find a private coach muttering "they're running a terrible practice, he's not going to learn anything here!"

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Saje said...

Little M (otherwise known as Monkey) is just using this whole soccer thing as a warm up for rugby anyhow-he needs to know how to do the straight arm!