Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Generational thing

The setup:

One badly recorded Dora The Explorer episode (we've named Dora helping friends). I believe it was due to some heavy snow fall on our satellite receiver. (That and we don't have it covered).

So the first 5 minutes is gone. Then there is a chunk in the middle (about 3 minutes) that is un playable. The PVR stalls when it hits the beginning. It requires a fast forward or skip to get past it.

After watching it we're having our milk before bed when

BigE: We have to fix Dora Friends

Dada: Next time we see Dora Friends we'll tape it.

BigE: You mean we have to tape it? [Doing a "Pulling tape off a reel" hand motion ]

I.e. "You mean we have to masking tape on the PVR to fix it?"

Dada: No ... Uh ... Next time we'll record it.

BigE: Ohhhh

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