Monday, April 23, 2007

Place is going to hell

Funny, you don't go out your front door for about 24 hours and suddenly you have squatters. We don't live downtown so it's not that kind of squatter. Image my surprise when I opened the door and bird flew right in front of me. Here I was thinking "What the hell ... What is he doing".

Then I notice something to my left.

There's a birds nest on my light fixture. Now during the Christmas session we use this light near the door as our plug to the Christmas lights. One of those light socket to ac plug converters. Well seems as I left the top off. So the birds moved right in.

Go figure.

Now I do want to add this picture to show the work done in making this nest. That's pretty impressive.

UPDATE: It should be pointed out that without Government subsidies, proding by Stephane Dion or any Green party hack we are using CFL bulbs. 69W vs 300W to light the outside made easy individual economic sense. Imagine all that without regulation.