Sunday, August 26, 2007

The cat came back the very next ...

It's 6:15. 6:15 AM. Momma wakes up Dadda. She wants to take Arnie for a walk but there was an issue.

The CAT!

There was a lonely cat that was sitting on our steps waiting to come in. The last thing Arnie needs with a bum leg is the excitement of a cat. Momma had taken it to the curb, come back in, grabbed Arnie, turned around and there was the


Hence why Dadda was woken up. Slip on the shorts and sneakers I take the cat from the front door and hang out in the driveway two doors up. That gives Momma a chance to take Arnie out for a pee. As the head back indoors I release the cat and head back to the house. I get ten feet when I turn around and see

The CAT!

So I eventually take the cat to the corner of the street. Then run the distance to the house to put some space between us. That seemed to do the trick. Of course later when we are heading out to daycare I must admit I peaked out the door to see if the cat was there. No it wasn't

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