Monday, August 13, 2007

The Museum of Play

Friday we headed to Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester. Here are some of the shots we took.

The front of the building (to the street anyways) was a pretty dead give away.
Front of the Museum of Play

There was a little garden filled with flowers and butterflys in front of the main entrance.
Garden in front of the Museum

There was the field of play area. What is kind of hard to see in the back left corner is a tower made of skinny metal rods. There are simple 10" inflated 99c balls inside. The type you'd find at the grocery store. You can lift them up to the top where they fall through holes in the tower that are linked to different areas by wire cables. So the balls can run the full length of the room.
Fields of Play area

No play area is complete without a crazy angled room. There was also one of those classic warped perception rooms. Where the angles and room sizes are backwareds. The front of the room is tiny and the back huge.
One of those tipsy crazy angled rooms

We had a little fun on the climbing wall. But it was a little tough on the small kids.
BigE on a climbing wall

They had a Sesame Street exhibit. Which had the real old style Sesame street. Not just that little a-hole Elmo.
BigE driving the taxi on Sesame Street

A ramp up to an elvated play area was mocked up into a dual rotor helicopter.
BigE in the pilot seat of a helicopter mockup

There was even an indoor train running on a 100ft track.
Momma and BigE on the indoor train

A Carousel ride in the front.
BigE on the Carousel

Several games in giant size including connnect 4
BigE playing a giant game of connect 4

and chess.

BigE playing with large chess peices

We never did get any pictures but we did check out the Dancing Wings Butterfly exhibit. It was pretty good. They had a laminate card with the different types of butterflys. BigE was excited to match real ones to the pictures.

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