Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Day at N's

We were invited over to the house of a friend of BigE's from daycare. They'd just gotten their pool installed. So we dropped by to help break it in.

Of course we dragged along the evil water guns. They were a big hit.

By the time those were confiscated we moved onto to some swimming. BigE was having a blast in the water. After a bit of swimming he wanted to do some jumping.

See that great form. Great throw. Everything working great. Now when BigE went the other way he some how managed to either land on me or scoop a wall of water up into my face. Specifically my nose.

Nice farmer tan hunh?

Fun day all around. We hung around for a little take out. When we headed home BigE wasn't denying he was tired. He just went to bed. He didn't even notice Dada wasn't there. And that's unusual for him.

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