Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our little trooper

Our little boy was taking it easy after a trip to the park. We were playing a running game around the sand park when BigE took a couple of spills. BigE had a couple of series Owies. Fortunately we concluded that we could fix the owie with a trip to the MACs for a Slushie. Boy that perked things up.

As we got home the BigE's legs were still hurting him a little. So I told him we could break out the cold pack to make his leg feel better. The dish cloth is covering the cold pack
BigE on the couch watching Max & Ruby

As Max & Ruby ended somebody was stalling. I said you could finish watch the last of the recording if he stood up a photo. Well that seemed to fix the old energy problem

BigE jumping up

But now BigE is in bed and actually asleep. He had one busy day with Momma

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