Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fire Deptartment Fun

Another old post. This time waiting for the pictures to be uploaded.

BigE had two fun adventures with the fire deptartment.

On Friday a fireman / fireperson / anti-fire individual showed up to daycare to teach the kids fire safety. A little surprising was that BigE volunteered to demonstrate stop - drop - and roll. Now maybe it was the souvenir plastic fire hat that motivated him. But I was surprised to hear that. But then when it came time to S - D - R somebody backed out.

On Saturday the WB's had booked a visit to the local fire station.

A fireman, Eric, took us on a tour of the facility. The boys got to see a call come in on the 80's dot matrix printer. There was a little tour of the living area which was interesting.

But the boys were excited to go see the trucks in the garage. BigE got to see a Pumper, ladder and fire tanker trucks. There was even a couple of boats for water rescue. Fireman Eric took out a bunch of the tools used by the firemen. Oddly all of the pry bars reminded me of digging holes in the home province. The boys even got a demo of a fireman putting on all his gear.
BigE watching the firefighter put on the suit

But of course the trucks were a big hit

BigE checking out the seats

BigE sitting in the drivers seat

BigE on the ladder truck

And the boats were a hit. Yes they had boats because they have to patrol the river and canal way.

BigE riding in the speed boat
BigE peering over the side of the boat

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