Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Day of School ... Sort of

BigE had his first day of school yesterday. We walked down to the public school at 11:00 to have a meeting with his new teacher. For the first week the kids in Junior Kindergarten (or JK) go to individual meetings with the teacher. Then next week the classes start. Even then the first couple of days it's half classes.

Things went pretty well. BigE was a little shy but other wise engaged. He was really into cutting up some construction paper. He found his calling when he found a table with something called "Lacy Toy". A bunch of plastic blocks, many shaped like 'H's, that you stack and build with. The table top had a footing for the blocks as well. That table was clearly a hit.

By the end we went around the outside of the classroom to find BigE's hook. He's in the walker section. Which, simply, means that he's close enough that he's not bused to school.

So now we have a Waker and a Walker.

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