Friday, September 28, 2007

Carp Fair

Last weekend (Yes LAST WEEKEND am I only getting around to posting it) we went to the Carp Fair. A nice fair that has keep much of the horse shows that the junk food and rides surround. Now it was a little pricier then the Gloucester fair that we went to earlier in the summer. Those ride tickets added up.

Like all good fairs we got to check out the fire truck
BigE in the fire truck

We were there with BigE's buddy from Daycare N

BigE with his buddy N on the fire truck

Here we are horsing around waiting for the next heavy horse show. Two, three, or four horses pulling those big old style wagons.

BigE checking out the heavy horse ring

Since the incident with the roller coaster it's only easy trains for the little man.

BigE riding the little train

Momma goes for a ride on the swings

BigE and Momma on the swing

Dada takes him on the boot ride. I think we had a defective pneumatic piston. We didn't seem to go as high

BigE and Dada in the boot ride

Somebody had fun in the bumper boats!

BigE in the bumper boat

Finally, near the end of our day we did the slides. I want to compare the trip with Dada and the trip with Momma. Dada even took BigE first! So that walk of shame was after the successful slide. What does Momma do on the slide??

BigE and Dada going down the slide BigE and Momma doing the walk of shame

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