Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Day of School

well really it's part 2 to First Day of School ... sort of.

Yesterday we went in for the full 2.5 hour Junior Kindergarten period. From 8:00 to 8:30 I was being pestered to go to school. Somebody was very excited to go to school.

At 8:35 we headed out the door:
BigE on his first day of school

We then started walking to the school
BigE walking to school

We arrived at 8:45 just as the playground is opening up for the kids. BigE hung out with Dada for a minute as a gaggle of kids came pouring off a school bus. He then headed off to play in the playground. Not knowing many of the kids he just joined into the general maylay.

Now after 5 minutes he spotted Dada talking to another parent and was starting to look sad. So we meet at the playground gate and had a quick hug. BigE seemed to be doing good. I then snapped into daycare drop off routine to make things easier.

We played a quick game of where's the door? where's the car parked?

As I was leaving I was peaking over the row of minivans parked in the drop off zone and BigE was having fun playing on the play structure.

Coming up next Monday ... First Day of School on a full week of school!

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