Monday, September 8, 2008

Swashbuckler BigE

BigE has been dieing for a sword for a couple of weeks. He even went looking for the wood glue to stick some of his Lincoln logs together. I was finally able to stop and pick up a some 1x2 for a sword on Friday. I took a couple of pieces and made a simple shaped one. I knew the imagination would take care of the rest.

It was a pretty big hit during the day. It was even used for a little baseball at one point. In his mind its like a big Swiss Army knife capable of anything.

So tonight after his and his baby sister's shower I came out of the baby's room to Nanny and BigE in a sword fight. They'd even figured out to use the laundry basket covers as shields.

Of course much of the battle was in keeping BigE in control of his sword. Hit the other sword not the person. Should real pirates attack this will surely confuse him but we'll cross that bridge when we need to.

After Nanny had suffered a few bruises she finishes with a text book point

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