Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carp Fair 2008

Another year has passed since Carp Fair (2007). We're back again with the RainMan. This year is was grey with a little rain. Not bad enough to ruin the fair but enough to keep people away.

There were the usual fair type exhibits. The neat steam powered village. The mini pony's (PS PB's personal policy is that in a one on one situation the smaller animal really shouldn't be pulling the bigger animal).

There was some neat farm equipment that I never got a picture of. We got to ride the complimentary tractor & trailer ride from the parking lot.

We mixed up some of the smaller rides like the merry go round with

A few more rides that were a little more adventurous like this twirling swing. I think BigE was getting a little scared at one point but boy did he over come it.

Then there was the big adventure slash jungle jim climbing ride. The last part was a long slide run that must have been covered in pine tar to keep the kids from getting too much speed. Of course BigE adapted by sliding on his tummy.

And what's a trip to the fair without a ride on the bumper cars. Many thanks to the Williamsons who provided a child who was old enough to get our last kid on the ride. (They were really strict on the you must be this tall to ride the bumper cars. That must be because of the safety harness that consisted of a loop that went over one shoulder!)

And finally I should note that we did not go on the scary roler coaster or do the walk of shame on the slide.

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