Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Water Series

I'm off this week so I've gotten a chance to grab and post a few photos. Here's a cycle from Monday with BigE enjoying the water during a Monday break from the rain.

We had put the hose at the top of the tree house slide

and the large pool at the bottom. If BigE kept his feet up entering the pool he could slide almost all the way through the pool. (You needed a constant flow of water just to keep it at the same level)

When we got bored of that it was back to the slip and slide. There was dozens of runs on this thing trying different slides.

We even had the retro moment where after a snack on a banana, Dada explained about how the peel was a slippery gag. So BigE decided to do the Banana peel slip and slide. Adding our new phrase
"Who put that Banana peel there?"

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