Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day at the Community Party

There was a large assortment of inflatable rides for the kids at this year's community Canada Day party. The favorite for BigE had to be the obstacle course. There were inflated tubes to climb through, walls to jump over and a slides along the way.

BigE on the obstacle course

This is a great shot Mama caught.
BigE jumping on the obstacle course

For much of the second hour we spent the time with the Fish. Fish being a bit younger had a little harder time with some of the obstacles. But BigE hung around and offered a helping hand.
BigE helping the Whale

At one point BigE wanted to do it by himself so he finished the last half of the course on his own. Then doubled back to the help Fish finish the course.

Here's a great shot of the biggest inflated slide I've ever seen. It's starting to approach those slides the carnies move around.
BigE on the big slide

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